UWB Indoor Person Tracker

UWB Industrial Person Tracker

RPT460 is an advanced RTLS tracking device with ID Card size. Device is an UWB tag for tracking office, medical and warehouse staff. RPT460 also has haptic audio feedback to the carrying person in the case of an enrtance to a restricted area. Device has also an embedded MIFARE id card for identification on doors or turnstiles with existing access and time control infrastructures.

Tracking is almost real time with 20 cm accuracy. Tracking range is up to 150 mt. from fixed anchors. Thanks to the UWB technology, tracking accuracy is almost not affected by surrounding structures. Device has a motion detector for power saving at night time and inactivity detection when left on desk during work hours. RPT460 has a rechargable battery via microUSB connector and battery life exceeds 1 month with regular daily use.

UWB RTLS Provides real-time tracking of people, assets, forklifts etc.

Any factory floor or warehouse can be RTLS ready by installing Anchors per 250 m2 area.

Technical Drawing

Technical Specs.

PositioningUltra Wide Band (UWB), TDoA, IEEE802.15.4
Accuracy20 cm
Frequency3.5 GHz
Bandwidth500 MHz
Bitrate110 KBits / 850 KBits
Battery200 mAH Li-Po
ChargingUSB Charging
FeedbackAudio Buzzer
Weight30 gr.
Dimensions (mm)85 x 54 x 6