Forklift Operator Panel

Forklift Operator Panel

FOP110 is an all-in-one solution for forklift automation. It combines an UWB tracker with operator touch screen LCD messaging panel, crash detection and RFID operator identification. Operator checks in before driving for authorization and event logging. Forklift is tracked and messages can be sent two ways for a streamlined operation.

Crashes, overspeed and zone violations would create an event log on operators id and an optional warning can be seen on device LCD with audible tone. Operator can accept or refuse a message with status feedback. CreufLink software would create a driving score and OEE using the real time log data.

UWB RTLS Provides real-time tracking of people, assets, forklifts etc.

Any factory floor or warehouse can be RTLS ready by installing Anchors per 250 m2 area.

Technical Specs.

PositioningUltra Wide Band (UWB), TDoA
Accuracy20 cm
Frequency3.5 GHz
Bandwidth500 MHz
Bitrate110 KBits / 850 KBits
Power12- 24V DC
LCD3.5 Inches Color TFT LCD
MaterialABS + PC
Dimensions (mm)150 x 130 x 30