UWB Anchor Base Station

UWB Anchor

UB440 is the UWB anchor basepoint, required to locate mobile tags by trilateration. Anchors are installed per 200 to 250 m2 area depending on the building geometry. At least 3 anchors required to setup an UWB RTLS system. Anchors are connected to the RTLS server via existing WiFi network. Installation requires entering WiFi SSID and password, rest is done via CreufLink software platform.

After installing the UWB anchor UB440, operator sould locate the installation point on the floor plan. CreufLink software platform allows placing anchors my dragging the icon via a mouse click. When the anchor icon is placed on floor map, installation is complete and UWB system becomes instantly operational.

UWB RTLS Provides real-time tracking of people, assets, forklifts etc.

Any factory floor or warehouse can be RTLS ready by installing Anchors per 250 m2 area.

Technical Specs.

PositioningUltra Wide Band (UWB), TDoA
Accuracy20 cm
Frequency3.5 GHz
Bandwidth500 MHz
Bitrate110 KBits / 850 KBits
CommunicationWiFi 802.11
Serial /ConfigUSB 2.0 Client
Power12-24V DC
MaterialABS + PC
Weight130 gr.
Dimensions (mm)150 x 150 x 32